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Written for students and professionals, the book blends modern code, illustrations and computer science to help you pass the technical interview or build your next app. Top ios developers and experts to follow on twitter. Since the all new basecamps api launch, our developerland site was feeling a bit dated without github s wonderful styling and syntax highlighting. Although swift doesnt tweet as frequently as many of the ios experts on this list, each tweet reveals new developerfocused features and updates. Attempting to understand type erasure natasha the robot. The workshop will let you explore all iot tools and build stepbystep a project called theconnectedhouses. A swift introduction to swift a swift introduction to giordano scalzo closure busker ios dev geek giordano.

Open up the setup file you downloaded jdk7u3 windows i586. Chris and tom from github have also answered reader questions in the comments section of this post. Natasha is one of the leaders in the ios community. Not only is natasha an excellent programmer but what made her truly stand out is her teaching spirit. At the time, i was inspired by one of natasha murashev s links about the new open source swiftlint project, developed by jp simard and the guys at realm.

It also offers integration with non github hosted git repositories. Over the last 20 years, my primary computing environment has gone from windows 3. Until a couple of weeks ago, we were using subversion for keeping track of our source code. So i got permission from david to release it as a rails plugin. A lot of clients like to use a wysiwyg editor and although they are usually happy with tinymce, we often run into problems when using it. The sf swift community are coming to github hq to hold a swift lang hackday on september 27th, and youre invited to take part in the swiftivities. Im honestly still trying to wrap my head around it, and especially the usecases, but for now, i wanted to write down the example from the talk to.

I like cardstar, its great because you dont need to carry around your preferred cards for all the places you shop. Adding the first assignment solutions for cs106a natasha murashev, 9 years ago. May 26, 2016 mobilni aplikaci psanou pomoci xamarin pro android, iphone a windows phone, ktera slouzi jako field gateway, ale i pro zobrazovani dat azure mobile app jako backend pro mobilni aplikaci, umoznujici autentizaci, ale i rychly vyvoj pomoci easy tables a easy api a push notifikace. Originally presented at the slug meetup in san francisco. You can work on any project you wish to that has a public repository on github. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Spring is a time for cleaning, and that includes api documentation our api docs are now hosted on github. Net for windows, or choosing a writeoncerunanywhere crossplatform toolkit which provides a lowestcommondenominator experience on all platforms, and prevents developers from going to the metal on any given platform. Natashatherobot updated closing announcements to stage 2. Nov 12, 2015 were excited to announce that natasha murashev has joined us here at basecamp as a programmer on our ios team. Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. Natasha murashev, introduction to protocoloriented mvvm ash furrow. It was developed originally by linus torvalds creator of linux in 2005.

Top ios developers and experts to follow on twitter techbeacon. There will be two talks by swift thought leaders natasha and nick, three meals per hacker, free drinks from github s bar, betweencodeactivities, and a lot of time to hack on your ideas. Feature testing with kif in swift natasha the robot. Its what we use to manage all of our source code at 37signals. If youre looking to get started with our apis, you can head to 37signalsapi and check out our authentication guide or our brand. Contribute to tryswifttryswiftdata development by creating an account on github. She has created many things like shoplater and stay in shape. Below is a link to a fork of natasha murashev s watchconnectivity demo project i modified to illustrate my issue. Stanfordcs106aassignment1 at master natashatherobot. Since im on windows, i chose mercurial, but the basic idea is the same.

Stack overflow for teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. A collection of apps the 37signals team started using in the. I believed that there are likely places where caching is doing more harm than good. A list of ios experts to follow on twitter would not be complete without the dedicated swift programming language feed. Natashatherobotwatchconnectivityuserinfodemo github. How this book got here swift style, 1st edition book. Stanford cs106a assignment 2 target solution learning. Software engineering blogs curated list of awesome lists. Sign in sign up instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Watchconnectivity duplicate message filtering apple. Natasha is a ios engineer at capital one labs and instructor at ga in san francisco. Dont let jerks like this one get in your way learning.

View natasha murashevs profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional. By default, git will dump you into the vim editor when you make a commit. Principles and learning objectives information system users must work closely with information system professionals to define business needs, evaluate options, and select the hardware and software that provide a costeffective solution to those needs. Whats an app that youve started using in the past year and are digging a lot. One programmer that i find extra awesome is natasha murashev. There is a tweet going around on initializing constants in swift using positional references. She is an ios developer that works for capital one. This post originally appeared on her blog, natasha the robot. In particular, ive long had a hypothesis that there are parts of the application where we are overcaching. For the unenlightened, git is a distributed version control system thats recently taken the software development world by storm. Im glad to see youre not giving up on your learning learning to code has. Github for windows is a windows client for the github social coding community. Im honestly still trying to wrap my head around it, and especially the usecases, but for now, i wanted to write down the example from the talk to keep in my mind and refer to later when it suddenly. The program hierarchy problem looks pretty intimidating at first glance, but it was actually fun once i got started.

Oct 07, 2012 stanford cs106a assignment 2 target solution. Here is my solution, which you can also find on gist. May 30, 2012 new updates to languages like html5 and css3 make it much easier to develop mobilefriendly websites. Github is an online service providing git repository hosting and collaboration tools we featured them recently on the product blog.

For my system, i clicked windows x8632bit for the file jdk7u3 windows i586. And building apps for iphone, ipad, different types of androids, windows phone, blackberry, and other future devices we dont even know about is a luxury that few startups can afford. Natasha is an ios developer by day and a robot by night. Murashev writes a weekly curated swift newsletter that covers news and articles. Lately, ive been thinking a lot about functional programming. Swift conference around the world including this one. A project to parse tweets, tokenize and pos tag them. Swift conference is an international community gathering about the latest advancements in swift development. I rewrote it a bit so it doesnt rely on find, xargs, or grep so it can be used on more than just unix platforms, added some simple documentation, and posted it on github. Natashatherobot natasha murashev repositories github. Were now about a third of the way into converting everything to git. The event is about bringing together talent from all around the world to collaborate and share advanced knowledge and techniques to improve swift craftsmanship. Subscribe and get 4 free power swift playgrounds with the latest swift 3. Natasha murashev swift robot natashatherobot linkedin.

Building tableviews with swift and ios8 speaker deck. According to research from the university of missouri, facebook users look at profiles of people they either really love or really hate. You can find an opml file to import rss feeds here. The programming hierarchy problem actually requires a little bit of basic math. The class guide on github you link to, btw, is a big help in how to pace the course. Fullstack software engineer working on the manilla ios application, which. Recently, i switched to using a linux desktop as my primary computer. She blogs about swift, watchos, and ios development on her blog, curates a fastgrowing weekly swift newsletter, this week in swift, and organizes the try.

Because when we read the corpus we assign tuple into word, tag, ner but in line 27 and 36 we assign tag, word, ner. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The performance impact of russian doll caching signal. However, since you wont have permission to edit most projects directly, there is such a thing as forking a project when you fork a repository, you make a copy of that repository in your own github account when you have made changes that you believe the rest of the community will want to. Nov 25, 2017 top ios developers and experts to follow on twitter. Watchconnectivityapplicationcontextdemoextensiondelegate. When i first started as a rails developer, i thought of all the rails gems as magic. Natasha aleksandrova, christopher barker, brian dorsey, cris ewing, christy heaton, jon jacky, maria mckinley, andy miles, rick riehle, joseph schilz, joseph sheedy, hosung song.

An analysis of educational tools for physical computing education yunjae jang. Thats the reason apple uses prefixes on objectivec classes, such as uiview, cgrect, and calayer. React is the most popular javascript library on github. Some smart people were making all these cool libraries for me to use.

Contribute to natashatherobotwatchconnectivityuserinfodemo development by creating an account on github. Until recently, weve never taken a really indepth look at the performance impact of caching on a granular level. Despite receiving over 100 applications for this position, it was by far the highest quality group of candidates weve seen. Dec 02, 20 traditionally, this means using each platforms provided technology and sdk, i. Its april fools day, and with the world as it is right now i figured folks in our community could use a little distraction.

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