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Seaiq is an interesting product designed for use by professional mariners, but there are versions for recreational use. It has other neat tricks, such as being able to exportimport route data, making passage planning ashore easy, and for. It has all the planning features of navigationplanner together with dynamic course management to give a full featured navigation system for the cruising yachtsman. Transas isailor marine navigation, chart plotter and ais. I use navionics autorouting for planning and garmin bluechart for its active captain implementation but find myself going back to the nonvector charts of maxsea every time. Schedule information widget in the route monitoring panel ipad only new. Available ais options options isailor ios isailor android ais receiver support unlock the capability of receiving ais target data from ais transponders and receivers via tcp or udp in the from of vdm sentences only, and to display these targets on the chart. Transas isailor has a clear and intuitive interface. Navionics community users record their sonar logs and upload them on, where updated charts can be downloaded within 24 hours. Navionics boating applications cartographiques a utiliser avec. Intended for use on boats and yachts, isailor provides a clear presentation of navigation information and electronic charts.

Humminbird navionics platinum plus series software. Vector charts from world leading chart producer wartsila marine ensure the highest quality of navigational information. For a comparison to be valid, must be considered equivalent geographical areas. With navionics updates, chart card owners can get the most up to date navionics plus content at half price using their silver, gold, hotmaps premium or navionics plus, as well as cards from cmap, fishing hot spots, garmin, lakemaster, lowrance, magellan and trakmaps. Navionics new free web app allows anglers to study in detail cartographic and bathymetric maps. Jun 28, 2017 the transas isailor app in night mode. Pcplotter 7 navigation software download and use now. Every transas mfd workstation ws can be equipped with a standard set of software such as ecdis, radar, conning, chart assistant utility and spos weather module giving the mariner the ability to switch between applications at the touch of a button.

Incidentally, i had to return the galaxy tab already, but will soon have my mitts on a toshiba thrive running android 3. Navionics knowledgebase downloading and installing the. Aug 01, 2015 transas isailor app isailor has clear, easily viewed charts with optional boxes to display lat and long, course, distance, xte and eta, without having to change the whole display. I made a quick look on all of them and recognize that isailor is second to none product. Current version of the navionics chart installer is not compatible with windows xp, windows vista, or mac osx versions less than 10. Navionics community users record their sonar logs and upload them on navionics. Navisailor 4000 ecdis multifunction display is a flexible and redundant solution providing the mariner with a convenient taskoriented environment. To enable ais option, it is necessary to make an inapp purchase from the apple store, but once it is done, you will be able to receive ais target data from any wifi enabled ais transponder. In other words, i wanted to be able to jump backwards and forwards to any point in the time line and then read the nmea data stream from a file and stream it out onto the network for other navigation programs to read and display. On a navionics chart you can click on object, such as a light or buoy, and retrieve additional information.

Fuel consumption unit mth diesel motor ton per hour new. It can show you the strength and direction of the current at any time. Or, for that matter, an android version of imrays chart app, or transas isailor. May 29, 2014 the new release of the navionics boating app and app for iphone, ipad and android added june 24, 2014, delivers a boatload of free features. You can have a list of all the ports in the charts pop up, and jump to any port with a single click. Download and start using with your navionics card now. To install a previous navionics app purchase for apple, go to the app store app located on your device. The navionics app takes about 115 mb of space on the ipad versus 180 mb for inavx and 57. Humminbird navionics platinum plus series software factory. The web api maps feature a full search function, and precise navionics data including tides and currents.

Youve got a mobile computer with a host of other apps and uses sailing orientated or otherwise youve a great backup power supply the battery. Navionics updates us and canada marine and lake charts on sdmsd. A number of cy readers have written me to share their positive experiences using the navionics app on ipad and android tablets. Nov 18, 2014 however, unlike the navionics app these only display what the tide is doing at the present time it doesnt allow you to look at future tidal flows. Throughout the entire passage, john and maxine used the transas isailor charting program and have given it acknowledgement and praise in their guide. I personally dont like navionics charting but some others do. Navionics is entering the fray by making its popular smartphone and tablet navigation app free.

Pcplotter navigation software uses an interface based on windows. There are now a lot of programs for the ipad and other tablets navionics, transas isailor, inavx, memory map, garmin, imray and. Wartsila isailor userfriendly interface, regular chart. The new release of the navionics boating app and app for iphone, ipad and android added june 24, 2014, delivers a boatload of free features. Digital world cruising ocean navigator julyaugust 2017. Navionics vs isailor for i pad ausfish fishing australia. Navionics updates us and canada marine and lake charts on. I know wartsila own the company now but its a transas design from their software bods. Transas own tx97 vector chart format supported by isailor is recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and reliable sources of navigational information. The application uses the tx97 format marine vector charts, rated among the best in the industry.

Why isailor isailor was developed by transas, the innovative, digtial solutions company, now part of wartsila. Whats more, theres no requirement to repurchase charts so long as you have a current. Now, with navionics, this exceptional reference tool offers many potential uses, including the same exceptional, localized navionics data shown on chartplotters and mobile devices. Transas offering three products in this range isailor, pilot pro and yacht viewer.

More and more navigators are wanting a portable navigation solution either to move from boat to boat or have on their main vessel as a backup or easy installation solution. Better than navionics on raymatine chart plotter as much better screen info on ipad and easier to zoom and position ship on. Jan 08, 2011 transas isailor navigation and charting app. I have purchased navionics charts for my navionics boating app so those charts are available to use with the iais app. You can check the compatibility of your chart plotter here europe, middle east, asia, africa, pacific and americas. Navionics vs isailor for i pad if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the forum help by clicking the link above. Navionics knowledgebase how to install previous app. Chart installer is currently not compatible for download from internet explorer. Youve a 910 inch touchscreen display right out of the box.

The app allows you to download and utilize your own nautical charts in standard, s57, s63, inland enc and bsbkap formats. How to restore all previously purchased charts for the transas isailor app. Download the app for free, then immediately start using all the versatile tools that every boater would want. Tiki can display the tidal data in navionics gold and platinum charts. Aug 22, 2017 however, those with android devices can get navionics, transas isailor, garmin helm and mx mariner to name a few. As a career professional mariner, instructor and active recreational boater i would say that this was a top application. Chart layers download and use offline the foundation of our products.

Hello, i want to download the isailor software but i would like to know if. Using isailor you can be sure to benefit from the leading. This project started from a desire to be able to record nmea output from my boat and replay it in a similar manner to a video. Compatible browsers include edge, chrome, firefox, and safari. Transas isailor navigation and charting app application. For the comparison to be consistent, i will only compare navionics vector charts inavx and transas tx 97 isailor. The boating app is available for apple and android devices navionics expands its mobile application compatibility to include microsoft windows platform. Free download of navionics boating app delivers on features. The iais app can still be used to display ais targets even if you dont have any navionics charts.

Marine software pioneers transas still in good shape published on by author andrejs 4 comment after i had resumed surfing browsers for marine or nautical software for laptop and other personal use electronic devices, i decided to stop it for a while. I consider inavx and isailor as the two best navigation apps so far under ios. I found the coverage better in some places and worse in others relative to navionics for western fiji. Note that our inavx installation only covers georgian bay, and our isailor installation lakes huron and superior, while navionics covers all of the usa and canada. Before you purchase the navionics software, check their website to see if the waters you are interested in are included. Update 140220 navionics mobile offers on the itunes appstore charts with buildin navigation application under the name navionics marine. I am a navionics lover but their lack of interest in ais overlay has. Feb 09, 2018 the iais app can still be used to display ais targets even if you dont have any navionics charts. Windows customers can now discover the value of navionics renowned boating apps on their windows tablet or pc that have an operating system of 8. The company is also a leader in professional training and simulation solutions, ship traffic control, and aibased decisionsupport tools. The plotter apps isailor or navionics appear to be excellent and are very regularly updated. Have used it for journey to madeira from uk and it was the best chart software we had. Watch this video for pro tips on how to conduct map research, stock up on the right gear, and advice. I use timezero maxsea also nobeltec maxsea it is my clear favorite.

Marine software pioneerstransas still in good shape gps. Access cartography maps from your computer at no cost. We strongly recommend that the app and any other data should be downloaded with your device connected to the internet via wifi and connected to the power supply unit. You may experience longer call wait times and shipping delays. Transas isailor app isailor has clear, easily viewed charts with optional boxes to display lat and long, course, distance, xte and eta, without having to change the whole display.

The isailor now supports the realtime display of ais targets class a and class b on the transas charts from the own ship ais transponder or receiver. Windows tablet and pc can get the navionics boating app. Weve been testing ipad charts and navigation software. Gps nautical marine charts offline sea, lake river navigation maps for fishing, sailing, boating, yachting. Running a little ahead, even a very appropriate theme for marine navigation software for pc and mac users for noncommercial shipping.

Navionics charts are constantly enhanced by more than 2,000 updates per day and an abundance of community data you can download anytime, even right from your boat. At the bottom of the screen tap the updates button and then select purchased at the top of the screen. I like the tracking feature makes filling in log details for shorter coastal passages much easier. Transas isailor free chart regions sold separately, iphoneipad. The next page is the ais targets page, this shows a list of all the ais targets in the area near your yacht. The more recent higher end models have contourxd background mapping that does have a limited number of waters with contours. I have a raymarine chart plotter with navionics charts so wanted alternative charts on my iphone. Charts are good and kinda cheap wireless nmea data. I have also found isailor charting to be more accurate than the others. View detailed shorelines with marinas, docks and boat ramp locations. Regions area are much more fragmented with transas than with navionics. The boating app provides nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all the other activities on the water.

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