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Another episode revealed that hayley flies into a rage when men break up with her. Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend and ends up in the arms of stans body double from the cia, but things. American dad hayley and jeff want to have a baby youtube. After a lecture from bullock that body doubles are for work purposes only, stan gets a call from francine that jeff dumped hayley. Season 16 episode 6 free online summary, s16e06 lost boys.

The alien later has jeff s brain planted into his body so he can remain on earth with hayley as jeff. Jeff asks why hayley freaked out, as she breaks up with him multiple times. Hayley accepts jeffs prolonged absence, but if future episode titles are any indication, this plot line will return again. Not only does she see life as a joke, she consistently makes bad decisions. Meanwhile, hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, jeff, who is.

She is voiced by rachael macfarlane in the english version of the cartoon, and antonella baldini in the italian version of the cartoon. According to a dvd special on the creation of american dad, laura prepon. Francine later peeps into hayley s room one night, only to find her making out with a person that closely resembles stan. Stan explains that whenever hayley gets dumped, she goes on a rampage. Meanwhile, hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins steves world of online gaming.

Guest stars of this season include jason alexander, sarah chalke, hector elizondo, anthony michael hall, hayden panettiere, lou diamond phillips and burt reynolds. Stan and his buddies end up going there and he sees her. Jeff appears to return from space in holy shit, jeff s back. In addition, the jeff and hayley break up became some sort of annual tradition on american dad episodes noting the break up include the aforementioned bullocks to stan, haylias, dungeons and wagons and pulling double booty. Hayley goes on a rampage shortly after jeff breaks up with her. Raptures delight season 5, episode 9 american dads christmasthemed episodes always tend to run a bit on the wonderfully warped side, but raptures delight is the one that kicks off that twisted tradition. Stan gets mixed up in street racing to put some excitement back in his marriage. Stan knows best the american dad wiki fandom powered by wikia. Nov 12, 2006 after francine tells stan shes looking for excitement in their marriage, stan gets in the drivers seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up.

In american dad s 250th episode, roger has a medical emergency and stan has to take over his personas. However, since the season started in may, episodes from production season 2 were added as part of season 1 to complete the longerthanaverage season. Stan and steve become apprentices as they are taught the art of making sushi. This story centers around hayley, who goes on a rampage shortly after jeff breaks up with her. Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend and ends up in the arms of stans body double from the cia, but things get really bizarre when the body double starts hittin. S12 e3 american dad 20 min expires april 15 hayley takes roger with her to a meditation center and he quickly takes over, becoming one of the worlds leading authorities on meditation.

If you are a fan of the show, then you know that hayley is a straight up disappointment to her parents, especially stan. Rogers only disguise for the episode barely counts despite being hilarious, as he decides to dress up and play the ukulele cover of somewhere over the rainbow to accompany a slideshow of jeff and hayley pictures. Jeff realizes he has a flair for house flipping and gets stan, francine and hayley involved. The first 6 episodes of the season is included within the volume one dvd box set, which was released on april 25, 2006. The couple realizes they have no money to start their life, that is probably. Jeff seems poised to win until a desperate hayley asks roger to take fleabiscuit out of the picture so. Several story arcs have been about hayleys romantic relationship with jeff. But when the body double starts making moves on francine, stan decides to break them up in his own unique way. One of the most entertaining side plots throughout american dad. Francine and stan try to help their daughter get through the grief, as the police have informed them that she will go to jail if she has another rampage. Unforgivable inconsistencies in american dad we cant unsee. It first aired in the united states on fox on november 16, 2008.

This is the american dad wiki episode guide for the fox animated television series american dad the series premiered on february 6, 2005 production season 1 consisted of 19 episodes. Roger breaks up steves friendship with snot, barry and toshi. Season 3 episode 5 watch free online on 123movies without downloading or registration. American dad menu home watch episodes shading roger. At a diner, bullock calls hayley a slut which offends stan and the two cia men get into a lengthy fistfight.

With seth macfarlane, wendy schaal, scott grimes, rachael macfarlane. He then tells stan to kill jeff and, when they go to the woods to do it, jeff takes their suv. In order to pay it off hayley starts working at a strip club, first as a waitress, then a stripper. In reality, he is an alien named zebleer from a species that collects and he has come to sample more earth items, his race having dissected jeff in order to find out more about him. Roger breaks up steves friendship with snot, barry, and toshi. American dad the 10 worst things hayley has ever done, ranked. The writers dont bring her up and even hayley and jeff seemed to have forgotten that he is a. The family also has a fish named klaus and a boarder, a space alien named roger. Pulling double booty is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the animated comedy series american dad.

Agent stan smith is constantly fighting off terrorists who threaten the safety of the usa sometimes causing more harm than good. Jeff and hayley get back together and hayley breaksup with bullock. The first incident involved a dead pregnant hamster. Jeff breaks up with hayley causing her to go on a rampage. Francine smith, steve smith, roger, klaus, jeff fischer, avery bullock, jackson, sanders, sanders double, duper, dick. After francine tells stan shes looking for excitement in their marriage, stan gets in the drivers seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Jeff realizes he has a flair for house flipping and gets. Stan tries to get hayley to come home but she wont so he takes away her credit card. Hayley smith is the daughter that no one aspires to be. When hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun. Hayley dreamsmasher smithfischer is the eldest child of francine and stan smith.

After hayley breaks up with jeff fischer he becomes video game pals with steve. In an earlier episode, jeff is pushed into an alien tractor beam by roger and flown away to a different galaxy. After steve begins taking his relationship with debbie to a new level, francine tries to convince stan to have another baby. Meanwhile, haley and jeff break up, and it takes a trip through the dungeons and dragons world of steve and his friends to get them back together and then. After hayley is dumped by jeff, she starts dating stans cia body double. His wife francine is an average house wife with two kids, hayley, stans only daughter, an average rebellious teenager and steve, stans only son, a geek who enjoys dungeons and dragons, gaming and comic book conventions. The 10 best episodes of american dad of all time screenrant.

Hayley dreamsmasher fisher nee smith is one of the main characters in american dad she is also the daughter of stan smith, and francine smith, and the older sister of steve smith. They find hayley in a toy store, acting like king kong, and had taken several tranquilizers before she succumbed. American dad francine killed stan, steve and roger for revenge duration. The episode even wraps up with a nod to the princess bride to boot, and i adore it so very much.

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