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Brand nameinternational trane sinko manufacturerinternational trane. Compared with traditional ac motor fan coil unit under the same condition, bosch brushless dc fan coil is over 30% more energysaving. Low power consumption the vf fan coil has raised the bar by lowering the power consumption. Cost effective, sinko fcus guarantee quality, durability and energy savings. Digits 14 unit type h horizontal f fan coil unit c concealed f platform version digits 56 sizenominal cfm 02 200 cfm 03 300 cfm 04 400 cfm 05 500 cfm 06 600 cfm 08 800 cfm 10 cfm 12 1200 cfm 14 1400 cfm digit 7 connection side l left hand connection r right hand connection digit 8 coil rows 2 2 rows 3 3 rows. Produced from components passed multistage quality control. By using this site, you agree with our use of cookies. Fan coil units are a highly efficient means of turning a water chiller or hot water boiler into an efficient, quiet air conditioning system. Its advantages are to eliminate the source of power loss and achieve a high energy efficient operation. It is designed to heat or cool the specific space where it is installed and, since it is typically not connected to. About fan coil units essentially made up of a motor with a fan, a heating or cooling coil connected to the buildings central hot water and cold water system, and controller, a fan coil unit is simple heating and cooling device. When you do, you could see improved hspf from your heat pump, a jump of up to two points in the seer rating of your air conditioner or heat pump and an equally dramatic improvement in your utility bill. On a further call for cooling, the thermostat signals for the fan to speed up from its. Date hs code description origin country port of discharge unit quantity value inr per unit inr oct 25 2016.

Products sinko industries general manufacturer of air. Has options to auto select unit based on duty or select manually. Envirotec fan coil units are designed to exceed the stringent quality standards of the institutional market, while remaining cost competitive in the light commercial segment of the market. The coil can be disassembled from bottom for a more convenient cleaning and maintenance. Fan coil unit sinro airconditioning group company limited. The fan coil unit fcu is generally composed of heat exchanger, fan motor unit, etc. This adaptation of the basic ducted fan coil unit includes a factoryinstalled plenum section that helps you cut field fabrication and labor costs. The 42v low profile vertical floor mount series fan coil unit is designed for exposed or concealed underwindow applications. It is part of an hvac system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Typically, the unit is located in a closet within the conditioned space. Its as easy as making sure you have the right fan coil to match. The quiet and reliable benchmark in low static chilledheating water fan coil units for the past 30 years.

C, which enables the selection of valve valveless and cooling heating applications. All fan wheels are dynamically balanced at the fan wheel manufacturers workshop. Frame provides excellent rigidity and stability to the structure along with the good aesthetics. Fan coil units in combination with chillers and or boilers can be used to provide a broad range of solutions that can be tailored to local conditions such as climate, primary fuel market or building insulation. Maxell fan heaters are designed to mount on ceilings, floor, and wall. Structure is made from hollow extruded heavy aluminum profiles, anodized for extra anticorrosion protection. A fan coil unit is a diverse device sometimes using ductwork, and is used to control the temperature in the space where it is installed, or serve. In warmer climates or when a building is well insulated, fan coil units with a chiller 2pipe system can handle both cooling and heating. Fan and blower coil units fcus and vfcs air systems. The extensive selection of available standard and optional features provides the versatility you need to fit any heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design. Wheel parts are made of aluminium alloy or galvanized steel, rust prevention treated.

If fan coil terminals are the answer to your job requirements, you cant afford to pass over carriers versatile and extensive range of fan coil units. Fan coil unit model type st standard dc district cooling no. For example, a 50,000 square meters office building project with 800 fan coil units, running 10 hours a day, 5 days a year. Unit connection direction drain pan length static pressure coil rows unit size model letters product series air flow digit no. The fan coil unit is used to control the temperature mainly inside air, and outside air control is often carried out using air handling units. The plenum section is fully lined with pefoam insulation. Todays air conditioning systems should satisfy the diversified needs of individual tenants sharing the same building space but with a. Sinko fan coil units climate control products fan coil. Standardisation of fan coil unit control the fan coil unit controller is standardized using w1v3 i. Air conditioners are configured blower fan, heat exchanger coil, dehumidifier, and air filter, in the casing typically air conditioner ahu air handling unit. The symmetrical design of the unit makes you can adjust the inletoutlet pipse to the opposite side to meet onsite requirement. Ice airs concealed vertical fan coil fcvc unit is designed to accommodate large spaces where easy access to the equipment for maintenance purposes is preferred.

Fan coil units carrier building solutions north america. Coil duty in the program is based on correct thermodynamic calculation. The units are super quiet because the only moving par t is the fan. The fan coil unit is controlled by a unit mounted controller provided by mechanical systems controls contractor mscc. Sinko fan coil units use statically and dynamically balanced metal fans for varied static applications and are designed. This manual does not relate to the cheetah fan coil unit. Average power consumption could be reduced by more than 40% at high and medium speed, and up to 70% reduction at low speed. Dcbl fan coil power consumption is significantly reduced comparing to ac fan coil. Dcbl fan coil power consumption at high speed is even lower than ac fan coil at low speed. Motor connections are shipped with quick connectors for ease of replacement. Galvanized sheet fabricated, forwardcurved didw fan. Built into the body of the 3way valve simplifies the process of installing the fan coil unit. Our offering covers the full spectrum of applications designed specifically for hospitality, multifamily apartments and condos, higher education, k12, offices and more.

By replacing mechanical brushes, permanent magnet motor can also minimize the noise level and waste. You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Airconditioning unit installation accessories from europe despite the growth that we have experienced in the past 20 years we still are able to maintain a level of personal service unequaled in the industry. Includes all ranges in the sinko catalog src, tcr, mega, sf, sfr, sc, sl and slr. Fan coil sanyo, fan coil sanyo products, fan coil sanyo. Series wall fan coil midea developed in accordance with european standards. Heaters specifically designed for installation to commercially rated round ducts. No other selection of fan coils is more complete than carrier s airstream product line. The maxell fan heater series features a compact design thats almost half the size of comparable utility heaters with similar heating capacities. They cover a wide range of fan coil control applications. When fans are being mounted in their sections, the entire fan. All standard dunnair fan coil units use sirocco fan wheels selected and are. York ygfc fan coil units provide 400 models in four major series of ceiling concealed mounting. On a call for cooling, the thermostat signals for the heating control valve to modulate toward the closed position.

This allows the user to choose the desired application by just plugging in or removing. A variety of models each with an extensive list of standard features allows unparalleled design flexibility. Airconditioning equipment is indispensable for office buildings, factories, amusement facilities, hotels, hospitals and public buildings. Maxell duct heaters climate control products fan coil unit. Alibaba manufacturer directory suppliers, manufacturers. Want to push your cooling unit s efficiency to its highest level. Condenser evaporator heat exchanger coil industrial air cooler heat pump refrigeration units fitting fin type evaporator air cooled evaporator air cooled condenser tube fin heat exchanger air cooled heat exchanger fan coil ac evaporator coil evaporator coils water evaporator evaporator core refrigeration evaporator evaporator unit ac coils. The lowprofile design of the unit does not interfere with vision through the window, obstruct light or detract from the aesthetics of the room. Creating and maintaining optimal environments by facilitating harmony through air is both our field of business and our mission.

Fcvc vertical concealed model 5fcvc02 5fcvc03 5fcvc04 5fcvc06 5fcvc08 5fcvc10 5fcvc12 air flow cfm. A fan coil unit fcu, also known as a vertical fan coil unit vfc, is a simple device consisting of a heating andor cooling heat exchanger or coil and fan. The new range of fan coil units offers 5 models, of which 3 in flexible. Coil performance is automatically plotted on a psychrometric chart. The fan coil unit fcu is generally consisting of heating and or cooling heat exchanger, fan motor unit, etc. Residential hvac fan coils fan coil units carrier hvac. Allows for airflow adjustment for nonstandard conditions. Ygfc fan coil units are available in ten sizes with airflow capacity ranging from 110 to 2700 m3h. Chilled water fan coil units concealed type 4001,200 cfm.

The cooling or heating performance of a fan coil can vary greatly with changes in air inlet temperature and humidity. Choose from the categories below to find the best fan coil solution for your needs. The ceiling concealed unit is suitable for external static pressures of up to 60 pa. The connector can be directly connected to inletoutlet pipes. With carriers 42 series fan coil units, you can select furred. Sinko fan coil units use statically and dynamically balanced metal fan s for varied static applications and are designed for low noise operations. Iec, the leader in manufactured fan coil units, offers the largest selection of products in the hvac industry. With everything from beltdrive to ducted units and unique stackable configurations all in multiple models and capacities airstream units offer exceptional flexibility and availability.

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